Privacy Policy

Through the course of ordering from our site, we may ask for delivery, billing, and contact information. These are necessary for the fulfillment of your order.

The credit card company requires that we present to them, for verification purposes, a billing address that corresponds to their records for your protection.

We require a delivery address with every order, as it will be necessary to ship your order to you.

The username and password for your account is optional so that you can track your order on our site.

We may ask for contact information, such as e-mail address, or phone number; this will assist us in the event a question arises concerning your order. Also, an e-mail address is necessary for us to e-mail a tracking number for your shipment.

We will in no way sell, or share this information with anyone unless absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of this order. Such necessities may include: providing a carrier, or postal service with your address; providing our merchant account with necessary data sufficient to process the order; etc.