Marine Water Spot Remover Kit
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Marine Water Spot Remover Kit (up to 50′ boats)

$125.00 $75.00

Short Description:

This Marine Water Spot Remover kit is ready to go for removing salt and water spots on windows and other glass surfaces.  The marine water spot remover kit will work well on tinted boat and auto glass.  The kit will remove the water spots while  leaving  the glass very clean and spot free.  After removing the spots you will want to put our glass coating on the windows to make future spots hard to attach.  Regular washings are required to get full potential of the kit.  The kit will provide months of protections and should reapply yearly for ultimate spot free windows.



Product Description

Marine water spot remover kit will dissolve salt and water spots on boat and  auto glass surfaces while leaving a super clean surface.  No harsh compounds to deal with and less clean up.  The kit has enough product for up to 50′ boats.


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